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Mountain View

Mountain View 5.0: Stable, Scalable & Secure

Mountain View Datasheet: Download (.pdf)

Mountain View empowers ISPs, Telecom, cable operators as well as enterprise businesses to provide “zero-touch” support and management of all the devices found at customer sites worldwide. It provides stable, scalable and secure device management software that can manage over a million devices–even non-TR69 devices— with a single server.

With Mountain View, operators can “see” into subscribers’ individual devices aMVs well as the totality of devices at their site. It cuts truck rolls and enables virtual device management while at the same time providing a clear, usage-based understanding of how customers actually use the service. In short, Mountain View cuts customer support and hardware costs while providing the insight to anticipate and develop the products and services that customers want.

Today, the average CPE generates over 2,500 parameters requiring an ever growing database to capture the information. Mountain View accommodates the firmware differences of each CPE device and shrinks the database to less than 1% of the total software “footprint.”

Mountain View 5.0 Highlights:

  1. Dojo GUI with rich graphics and configurable “widgets” using supplied “Dojo” tools
  2. REST API to easily integrate other needed OS systems as well as using the API for all applications that need Data-Base access.
  3. JAVA based TR-069 Application that can support a scale of over 1 million devices per serverMV-Graphv1
  4. Easily configurable to manage all TR-069 firmware variation- Mountain View 5.0 is not “hard coded!”
  5. Less hardware required
  6. No “crash” guarantee
  7. No “end-of-life” guarantee
  8. “Plug-in” architecture that can support:

    • Firmware Upgrades
    • Customized Reports
    • STUN (for behind the gateway need to manage “connected” devices)
    • DOCSIS
    • OMA-DM
    • Network Security monitoring within the carrier’s network as well as the subscribers
    • Local language GUI support
    • Data mining and messaging

Mountain View Datasheet: Download (.pdf)