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Wireline & Wireless

FinePoint Technologies develops products that bridge the gap between network operators and their subscribers. They provide real-time visibility to the user’s experience with communications services and devices; and make that insight available to CSRs for a speedy resolution of service issues.

Fine Point products work with both wireline and wireless services. As the fine line between wireline and wireless continues to fade in smart homes and WiMAX networks, Fine Point already has the solution. It’s called Mobiture, a line of products that provision, activate, support and manage wireless and wireline devices compatible with TR-069, as well as cell phones through a single GUI.

Mobiture enables wireless service providers to better manage their network with real-time data on network performance and provide more effective customer care to subscribers by empowering CSRs to resolve issues for subscribers on-the-go. Mobiture offers additional capabilities as well. Some examples:

  1. Network performance: Network operators can merge network and device performance with GPS data to determine service quality and identify where issues exist in real time—without a truck roll.
  2. Lost or stolen equipment: The location of devices with GPS can be pinpointed by subscribers and CSRs. The devices—and their SIM card—can be locked so that neither will work on any network.
  3. Information Security: Subscribers can permanently delete contact lists from the device remotely and subsequently, they can upload their contact list to a new device.

With Fine Point products, network operators can offer a more far-reaching set of services, provide better customer care at a lower cost and prepare for the new digital services on the horizon.