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Fine Point Technologies Announces General Release of ServPoET 5.0 Access Concentrator for PPPoE, DHCP, IPV6 Ready Routing

March 22, 2016 Herndon, Virginia

Fine Point Technologies, Inc. today announced the new release of its Access Concentrator software ServPoET 5.0 for rural network telecommunications carriers and triple play ISPs around the world. This augments the company’s ServPoET 4.0 software platform that has been deployed around the world for over 10 years by carriers who need to maintain fool-proof stability and performance, while handling growing subscriber bases.

Over 200 ServPoET access concentrator units have been installed by communications providers around the globe.  To support customers’ scalability requirements, the product uses software upgrades to accommodate greater numbers of concurrent connections, thereby negating the need for additional routing hardware.

ServPoET 5.0 is a completely new version of software, not a point release.  This new version enhances PPPoE access concentration to include IPv6 functionality, including a DHCPv6 server.

“Existing ServPoET customer’s can easily upgrade their ServPoET 4.0 software to our new version. With this new version, customers are not restricted to a specific server platform and ServPoET 5.0 can be run on a local server or as a virtual machine appliance.  It can also run in stand-alone or clustered configurations.“ according to William Murphy, VP of Product Development.

Commenting on the new release, long time customer Sylvain Gélinas, Vice-Président Opérations at Quebec, Canada (Maskatel) said, “We have been a customer of Fine Point’s ServPoET product for since 2004. Although we are still using the 3.1 version as well as the 4.2 version, our plan is to transition to the new 5.0 version this year, given the DHCP/IPV6 enhancements as well as the proven reliability. We have not had a service issue in more than ten years, demonstrating a rock solid performance for this value-priced PPPoE/DHCP/IPV6 routing product.”

“Granite State Communications has used the ServPoET series of PPPoE servers since 2006. After extensive testing of FinePoint’s new 5.0 version that now has the added feature of DHCP/IPV6 routing, we will move to upgrade our networks. We count on the reliable service we receive from Fine Point and we look forward to utilizing the enhancements,” stated Mike Sargent, GSC Network Planner. “Upgrading the software on our ServPoET servers as our subscriber base grows is more efficient and cost effective than purchasing and installing additional high end routers that would perform a similar role.”

Customers can purchase and download the ServPoET 5.0 upgrade or order the turn-key solution on-line at

About Fine Point Technologies, Inc.:

Fine Point Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1997 with over 125 customers around the globe. It fostered the broadband era with WinPoET and MacPoET selling over 16 million copies of software globally, which enabled communications carriers to transition from offering dial-up service to DSL. Today, Fine Point solutions manage both wire-line and wireless platforms from a single server and integrate all solutions into a single online interface. This enables network operators to directly manage their brand and their business.  Fine Point is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia with Software Development operations in Denver, Colorado. Fine Point also maintains field sales and support offices in North America, Europe, Asia and sales partners throughout Latin America.

For press enquiries, contact: Bill Murphy, VP of Product Management
Fine Point Technologies, Inc.
+1 978-204-8435