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Integrated Support System (ISS)

As business practices, technologies, products and information systems evolve, network operators are left with an expensive, intricate and layered set of components that define what they can and cannot do readily. Integrated Support System from Fine Point delivers that data that different teams in the organization need to deliver effective customer care.

Integrated Support System (ISS) reduces the complexity of IT infrastructure and improves reliability, flexibility and scalability. It also extends the value of internal information systems by integrating with external systems and unifying support operations. It is a permissions-based system that organizes and displays the information needed by people in different functional areas throughout the organization.

ISS is a modular system that standardizes, configures and presents information in a Web based portal according to the defined business practices. The basic front end interface includes:

  • Individual user management (internal and external, according to permissions)
  • Group management
  • Management of system configurations and plug-ins
  • Management of ACL permissions and group memberships
  • Database replication control
  • CRON, scheduled tasks
  • Event logs
  • Graphics and text under complete customer control (CSS and externalized texts in .INI files)
  • Pre-saved searches (Favorites)
  • Capability of exporting search result to CSV Excel, for ISS and its modules
  • Pre-saved reports based in SQL queries
  • Separated databases can be used for backup and statistics
  • Integration with any existing internal systems

Although the system standardizes the core information, each module of the ISS provides for access, management and manipulation of information according to the defined business practices.

Through integration with the Remote Device Administrator (RDA TR-069), Integrated Support System can implement event triggers produced by CPE notifications and execute calls and actions on other systems in the backend. ISS is technically compatible with every standardized connectivity technology, such as SOAP, XML, Telnet console, VT-100 Telnet, HTML, XML, and ODBC as well as APIs and sockets with proprietary protocols.

ISS modules:

  • Remote Technician Server: Centralized management of support events, sales and more
  • Call Tracking: Complete reporting and statistics for each agent or a group of agents
  • Knowledge Base: A custom set of troubleshooting workflows for systematized problems.
  • Online Support: Works with the Internet Service Assistant and the Remote Device Administrator to assemble the information for tracking events and enables CSRs to respond to several customers simultaneously with real-time chatting
  • DSLAM & Router Manager: Maintains inventory of network equipment (or access an external system) and can query devices for real-time information.