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Internet Service Assistant (ISA)

ISA is available for both wireline and wireless network providers. It offers subscribers a custom-branded assistant that can reside on the desktop or launch instantly upon service interruption so it does not occupy CPU cycles unnecessarily. The information and solutions it offers are at the discretion of the service provider. For example, ISA can be set to automatically launch a series of diagnostic tests and resolve problems it finds, it can give the subscriber the option to repair the issue independently or seek a step-by-step guided resolution to empower customers to repair their own lost connections using ISA’s short cuts.

ISA is effective offline too. When a solution is not available, ISA provides a diagnostic code that pinpoints the issue and informs CSRs exactly what the problem is when subscribers call for help. Using ISA’s short cuts, subscribers can repair settings with the guidance of a CSR or allow the CSR to take control of their PC and make the repairs.

Specifically, Internet Service Assistant:

  • Repairs desktop configuration for email and supports browsers and network settings
  • Verifies CPE and PC connectivity
  • Repairs modems using a variety of protocols including: TR-064/SNMP, HTTP and Telnet
  • Provides insight to Quality of Service with bandwidth and network metrics
  • Integrates with any existing backend infrastructure

Fine Point Internet Service Assistant effectively eliminates 30% of support calls (on average) and reduces the duration of the calls that are made by 40% (on average). This means lower overall costs for customer support and more satisfied subscribers.