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Mountain View: Choosing an ACS

Mountain View 5.0: Stable, Scalable & Secure

ACS solutions and CPE devices work together to provide the features and data that most service providers are seeking. In order to obtain the full benefit of full featured ACS, you need to purchase a CPE device that collects and reports all the desired data. If the device does not make the desired data available, the ACS will not be able to collect it. Conversely, in order to obtain the full benefits of a full featured CPE device, you need an ACS that can collect, use and report all of the data that the CPE device collects and makes available.

In order to benefit from the most advanced CPE today, an ACS must support the following features:

• Remote Speed Test
• LAN side device visibility
• Device signal strength
• Device RF interference
• Device data usage statistics

Many ACS solutions, particularly those sold by a hardware manufacturer, are tailored to manage the hardware of a single manufacturer. As a result, they are often very good at managing their own equipment, but inflexible when it comes to managing devices manufactured by a competitor. In cases where they can manage more than their own equipment, vendors will often charge large professional service fees for interoperability testing and custom configuration.

Fine Point doesn’t sell hardware and Mountain View is vendor agnostic. Instead of being built around a single data model, it dynamically learns the entire data model of any TR-069 device and is able to collect, report and configure any parameter. It is able to do this, regardless of the device manufacturer. Furthermore, the configurability of Mountain View means that the ACS can seamlessly accommodate proprietary vendor extensions, so even vendor specific features can be managed by Mountain View.

Because Mountain View is able to learn the data model of each device type, it can be quickly paired with new device types. There is no need for expensive interoperability testing or custom configuration. As long as the CPE complies with the TR-069 specification, service providers can select CPE based on features, functionality and price, without considering whether their ACS will be able to manage it.

Mountain View Datasheet: Download (.pdf)

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