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Mountain View: Choosing CPE

Mountain View 5.0: Stable, Scalable & Secure

In selecting CPE, service providers should consider the features and functionality that they support, because if the CPE doesn’t make a particular piece of data available, no ACS will be able to provide the related functionality. Specifically, most of Fine Point’s customers view support of the following functionality essential, if they are going to be able to manage the most critical device parameters:

• Connection Request Parameter via “Get Parameter Value” (“GPV”)
• Close Sessions Correctly
• Support Hold Request
• Support RPC Download
• Support RPC Upload
• Support TR-143
• Support Ping Diagnostic
• Report Per-Host Wi-Fi Level
• Report RF Interference
• Display Wi-Fi Host Connected Band
• Report Per Host Downstream Data Consumed
• Report Per Host Upstream Data Consumed
• Report Wi-Fi Host Address

There are many devices on the market that do not support these functions. This is particularly true of very inexpensive devices and of old devices that are still running old firmware. In addition, there are also many instances where devices that say they are TR-069 compliant have incorrectly implemented the specification. In these cases, it is often necessary to obtain updated firmware from the manufacturer.

Many ACS vendors charge high fees to perform interoperability testing and custom configuration for new device types. Because Mountain View dynamically discovers a device’s complete date model, Fine Point is able to evaluate device functionality and often suggest ways to address device shortcomings free of charge.

Mountain View Datasheet: Download (.pdf)

If you are interested in evaluating the functionality of your device(s) or would like more information regarding which device might be best for your business, contact