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Mountain View: Cost of Ownership

Mountain View 5.0: Stable, Scalable & Secure

In buying an ACS, there are generally four sets of costs:

• The cost of purchasing the system (Cloud, Virtual Machine or Hardware Installation)
• The cost of integrating the system with existing provisioning and network management systems
• System maintenance
• Professional services related to interoperability testing and customization for new devices

Usually, the purchase price and the cost of maintenance are similar for the various ACS solutions that are currently on the market. However, the costs for integration, interoperability testing and customization for new or multiple device types varies greatly.

Integration is the work necessary to write the application programming interface (“API”) calls from one application to another that enable the seamless exchange of information between applications. For many ACS solutions, these calls differ for each device type, particularly as they pertain to proprietary vendor extensions. As a result, the amount of work required to individually write all the necessary calls can be extensive and time consuming. A similar process needs to be undertaken each time a new device type is tested for interoperability or added to the network, making this a similarly cumbersome and expensive process

Fine Point simplifies this process through the use of a REST API and it’s proprietary architecture. Effectively, Mountain View acts as a translator, so that provisioning and network management systems only need to make one set of calls, regardless of the device type being addressed. As a result, the process of integrating these systems is simple and the need for extensive code work is eliminated. The net effect is that the required time and cost of integration is greatly reduced. Also, the need for interoperability testing of new device types is eliminated and there is no charge for configuring Mountain View to manage new, TR-069 compliant device types subsequently added to your network.

Mountain View Datasheet: Download (.pdf)

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