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Mountain View: Features & Functionality

Mountain View 5.0: Stable, Scalable & Secure

Mountain View supports all of the TR-069 specification, including the most recent Amendment 5 and TR-181 data model. As part of the initial device pairing process, Mountain View “walks” the device’s data model and dynamically learns every parameter that is supported on that device type. Once paired, every parameter can then be viewed and configured through Mountain View’s Engineering User Interface.

While the Engineering User Interface provides full functionality, it can be a bit complicated for non-technical staff. Therefore, Mountain View also comes with a Customer Service Representative User Interface. This interface uses the full functionality of the system to combine multiple steps into simple, easy-to-use tools. These tools include the following:

• Remote Speed Test
• Device signal strength
• Device RF interference with auto-repair
• Device data usage statics
• Managed Wi-Fi for whole home internet

Customer Service Representatives (”CSR”) are able to use these tools while speaking with customers to assess the current status of the residential gateway and its connected devices. They can also reset passwords, reconfigure devices, identify devices that have weak signal strength. They can then suggest products and upgrades that will improve the customer’s experience. In the end, CSRs regularly convert customer complaints into revenue opportunities. Watch Demonstration Video.

Mountain View Datasheet: Download (.pdf)

If you would like to learn more about how Mountain View’s advanced features can improve your company’s customer service and reduce field service calls, contact us at