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Our Technologies

Since its inception in 1997, Fine Point has invested heavily on automating service delivery and managing devices. Today the average home has 5 devices and subscribers expect a seamless experience from one device to another with no disruptions. Fine Point software is highly adaptable, scalable and flexible.

Mountain View 5.0 TM

Mountain View uses technology that lets service providers focus on subscribers rather than their devices to deliver unparalleled support and management capabilities. It manages millions of devices– whether they are TR69 or not–from a single embedded web server.

Mountain View relies on 100% Java implementation and the API is implemented with REST rather than SOAP. Despite dealing with millions of devices and their parameters, Mountain View reduces the database size to as little as 1% of the software “footprint” on the server. It eliminates hard coding and data model coupling too.

Mountain View 5.0 has a 64 bit architecture and uses device “pairing” to support server and network architecture options and it delivers multiple sessions per single thread rather than one connection per thread.

RapiDeploy ArchitectureTM

Differentiating a service from competing ones is critical to establishing subscriber loyalty. Fine Point understands that once the decision is made, service must be deployed quickly. That’s why Fine Point developed RapiDeploy Architecture. It’s a proprietary patent-pending tool that enables customization of our software to suit the marketing requirements of any service provider without modifying the source code. With it, branding, localization and configuration can be done in a fraction of the time that other software vendors require. When evaluating solutions, it’s fair to ask whether or not the source code will be modified to incorporate branding. Choosing a “solution” that has to be re-created, costs time, money and makes deployment dates uncertain. At Fine Point, customization is an integral part of our products.

Direct Plug-in TechnologyTM

directpluginBecause changes in technology are certain to come. Fine Point software is created with Direct Plug-in Technology, our proprietary patent-pending development tool that enables the quick “plug-in” of new features, third party functionality and the enabling or disabling of any product feature without modifying the source code. When evaluating solutions, it’s fair to ask whether or not the source code will be modified to add third-party functionality or change product features. Choosing a “solution” that has to be re-created costs time, money and impedes adaptation to change. Think of choosing Fine Point as a way to “future-proof” the investment.


smartinstallNot only is technology changing continually; so do workflow requirements. The SmartInstall Workflow Engine is another proprietary, patent-pending, technology created by Fine Point to ensure that the Service Installation Suite can be quickly and dynamically updated when new requirements arise. It enables the graphic modeling of broadband installation processes by anyone authorized to do so – even without expertise in any specific modeling methodology. These models can then be refined, and implemented without any programming. When complex integration is required, developers can implement logic via functions using scripting tools that can be easily linked into processes without being embedded in them. The SmartInstallTM Workflow Engine removes the need to know how to write and modify the complex solution base code and it allows administrators to create rules and quickly manage the change associated with running processes. SmartInstallTM Workflow Engine reduces the typical application backlog while providing an environment that is geared toward managing multiple workflows. By clearly separating different workflows into manageable pieces, the SmartInstallTM Workflow Engine enables multiple workflows to be managed from one installation process.


The DirectRegistration development tool is at the core of Fine Point’s Service Installation Suite to facilitate the instant and accurate integration of new subscribers to back office billing and accounting systems —without modifying the source code— even as those systems evolve. When evaluating solutions, it’s fair to ask whether or not the source code will be modified to accommodate changes in accounting and billing systems. If so, it’s a problem in the making. Think of choosing Fine Point as a way to “future-proof” the business.