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Pervenio Activator™

When a customer’s handset is not configured to be compatible with the operator’s services this results in lost revenues, but more worryingly will lead to customer dissatisfaction and possible churn. Ensuring that each customer is immediately activated for all compatible services when they use a new mobile handset is essential for revenue maximization and customer satisfaction.

Pervenio Activator, Automatic Device Management & Service Activation Product enables real-time handset capability detection of any type of handset , not only OTA capable devices. This critical real time knowledge allows mobile operators to dynamically and positively react to changing customer trends and behaviors like handset change, Activator enables automatic activation of the correct network services ensuring the optimal end to end QoS for subscribers when they change a device which has new service capabilities.

Key Features

•  Real-time handset and Subscriber service capability detection

•  Automatic service activation & provisioning of the correct network services & handset

•  Automatic configuration of devices via OTA

•  Optimized Customer care GUI for immediate problem resolution.

•  Self Care and Self Repair Portal for Subscribers.

Key Benefits

•  Increased speed of access to new services for the customer

•  Service offering 100% compatible with every customers handset capability

•  Improved customer satisfaction and competitiveness.

•  Minimize calls to customer care