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ServPoET Access Concentrator

PPPoE & PPPoA Broadband Residential Access Server (BRAS)

Fine Point Technologies’ ServPoET was created to deploy high performance Broadband (including xDSL, Cable, Wireless, and BPL) Point to Point sessions (PPPoE, PPPoEoA, and PPPoA) to improve operational efficiency and maximize return on network investments.

The Fine Point Technologies’ ServPoET Broadband Management Server (BMS) series is the industry leading PPPoE & PPPoA Termination Server offering High Density Subscriber Broadband PPPoX Termination, Load Balancing, OSPF Routing, and Gbps interfaces all at 1/3 the costs and over 3 times the performance of existing competitive products.

ServPoET BMS 1000

Fine Point Technologies’ ServPoET BMS 1000 is the industries largest capacity PPPoE & PPPoA termination server. With its 6,000 subscribers per blade capacity, the ServPoET BMS 1000 can grow with your network to support up to 72,000 simultaneous subscriber sessions in a one 14U form factor.More on the ServPoET BMS 1000 (ACTA)

ServPoET BMS 200/500/800

Fine Point Technologies’ ServPoET BMS 200, 500, and 800 models are the perfect solutions for any broadband service providers deploying a PPPoE based service. In a 1U form factor with simultaneous supported subscriber sessions starting at 1,000 sessions for the BMS 200, 3,000 for the BMS 500 and a whopping 6,000 simultaneous PPPoE & PPPoA subscriber sessions in the BMS 800 still in the same 1U server.More on the ServPoET BMS 200/500/800

Key Benefits include:

•     Multiple Protocol Encapsulation Support
Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE), Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet over ATM (PPPoEoA), Point to Point Protocol over ATM (PPPoA), Bridged ATM (1483 / 2684) over Ethernet, Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP, LAC/LNS), and 802.1q (Tagged VLAN), allowing for multiple different types of subscriber aggregation
•     High Performance with Flexibility
A choice of simultaneous subscriber sessions, and form factors (From 1U AC and 1U DC to 14U Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA))
•     Easy upgrade
From 1,000 simultaneous subscriber sessions to 6,000 in a single 1U form factor as well as for new releases of the ServPoET Network Operating System (NOS)
•     Expanded Network Capacity with Reduced Costs
•     PPPoE Load Balancing
Fine Point Technologies’ patent-pending SmartCluster Advanced Clustering Technology enables multiple ServPoET BMS units to automatically load-balance subscriber PPPoE sessions
•     Ease of Use / Setup
Easy to understand, character-based graphical user interface (GUI) via terminal or SSH access

ServPoET Applications
•     DSL Providers, Wholesalers, and Resellers
•     Wireless Providers, Wholesalers, and Resellers
•     Broadband over Powerline (BPL) Providers, Wholesalers, and Resellers
•     University Campus Broadband Providers, Wholesalers, and Resellers

For Frequently Asked Questions in regards to ServPoET click here.